Living On Live Food Presentation

Hi Everybody


I hope that you are all doing really well, and looking forward to the Spring. To more light, warmer weather; and of course a healthier lighter diet – from here on in through this year 2009.

Here’s a quick reminder of my forth-coming event, just in case it may have slipped the mind.

Want to touch base with you to let you know that I am running another – Raw Food Presentation Event at The Eight Day Cafe, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK.  Held there for anyone in the community wishing to learn more about Raw Foods, the Raw Diet & Lifestyle, Q & As, and looking for some live Inspiration around recipes.  At an affordable price too, fundamentally to help push you forward on your own personal & unique journey towards a great diet, and a healthier you that supports increased physical well-being, energy and vitality.

It’s on Sunday March 15th 1pm – 3.30pm, so come along; you are very welcome.  The flyer enclosed in this email gives you details around the time; telephone access for obtaining ticket purchases, (at a price of £10 per person), and venue.  And of course, the themes: – Spring Time, Best time to go more Raw & why; Best time to Cleanse & Detoxification and why; Food for thought around the existence of a Perfect Diet; Shaking up Our Beliefs around Raw Food Eating; and tasting Raw Recipes as we switch seasons.

Maybe I will see you there.  Be nice…

Wishing you lots of love, and live food….

Louisa Eyo.x

Mobile: 07748 140 163

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Love It! Michael Beckwith’s Clarity On ‘The Secret’.



Check this link above and watch this clip.  Great five minute video.

Send  me a comment, and tell me what you think.

Bill Whitaker dives into the secrets behind “The Secret” with Rev. Michael Beckwith, a teacher of the way of living that is gaining popularity in the mainstream. (

Some Thoughts On ‘Is There A Perfect Diet?’

Hi guys


Hope that you are really well today, and enjoying your raw food eating still, especially as we move out of winter into the coming warming weather, and more light now. Hooray! Following a raw food diet in the winter with short hair it quite a challenge at times (smiles).

I’ve been talking and making videos (via webcam and Hello World), to groups of non-rawfooders on nutrition;  who are eating a healthy and also standard cooked diet. AndI’ve been posing the general question ‘Is there a Perfect Diet?’.  Here’s the results found on this video link below. It runs for just under an hour.  Please feel free to ignore the first 7 mins, that’s just me waiting for people in the audience to log on.  I’ll definitely play some music and display an image next time so you don’t have to watch me picking oranges out of my teeth.

Food for thought I hope for you.  Give the link time to open, it takes a good few seconds. Enjoy.  Love and Light to you.  Louisa.x


Hi there Everybody,

It’s Louisa here again.  Gosh I’ve been a way for a long while haven’t I?  I have been writing and talking about the  Lovely Raw Food Lifestyle but not on-line so much of late.   But I have to correct that now as I so enjoy doing that too.  I’ve been trying to establish doing more presenting and performing Raw Talks to a live audience.   So, very sorry for my silence, it’s time for some noise, or chatter at least.   I got snowed under with so many other things that I slipped in giving my blog some priority – and that’s just not good enough! Soooooooo .

So  Happy new year to you.  A new 2009, and only 3 years away to 2012 (and the end of the Mayan calender, and  their official view of a New Era to the new consciousness predicted by the ancient cultures – that has already begun of course).  Boy can’t you feel it?  My question is – what will you do to develop yourself to keep up with the energetic changes that we are going to become more accessible to, now and in the future?  How might you develop your awareness and senstivities to spirituality and vibrational living,   your health,  your connection with nature and energy –  since we are all fundamentally energy and vibration?

How about starting with Raw Food? Perhaps a new recipe, a workshop, a seminpurchasing and using a new sturdy raw food equipement for more versitile food preparations, perhaps a Raw Food lecture, an book, and new determination to improve your diet etc.  I’m doing more juicing this year (including live-sprouts in my juice,  more green food, and more blended foods for easy digestion, which feels like a good plan for me).   And  in March, in line with spring time, the best time to start a cleanse, go raw, and all that, I’m giving a 3 hour Raw Food Presentation.  If you fancy it, check out the details below and see if you can come.

To all friends and acquaintances in health, I hope that you are all really very well.  I’m doing a Raw Food Healing Talk,  on 15th March in Manchester, UK,  so I’m wanting to let you know about it, as you might want to put it in your diary and come along.   You checked out the poster link above?

Let me ask you a question or few…

  • How interested are you in appreciating ‘how we create well-being through what we eat’? A natural diet of alive raw foods?
  • In eating natural foods based on fresh fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds, superfoods, herbs, spices?
  • In seeing how can we use foods to make a difference? And how we might create less struggle in applying it to ourselves. Instead perhaps, eating healthily with genuine consistency?
  • In having more energy, and cellular cleansing – therefore cellular healing – so important to overall vitality?
  • In feeling more in rhythm with Nature & the Seasons?
  • In learning how to prepare some ‘Winter-Warming’ Raw Gourmet meals?

I ask myself these questions a lot

And I’m very excited about this opportunity coming up, to present a Raw Food Healing Talk in Manchester, UK, held at the 8th Day Café this autumn.  My themes come out of a natural curiosity around the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the chance.  And also the range of foods, & gentle detoxification the body may need to be able to do that efficiently.  If you wish, you can ponder these ideas and consider with me…

  • The natural art of EATING (Live Raw Foods).
  • The natural art of HEALING (Cleansing & Rejuvenating through Diet)
  • The nature heart of  the natural Spring Time Energy, to support Detoxification for GROWTH (that can naturally flower through this organic process)

Interested, maybe?  Then come along and become a little more enlightened. I am more than happy to invite you along.  Hopefully this is one of the first of a new batch of Raw Food Talk Events that could get established at the 8th Day Café as a venue, over the coming year, if there is the demand.

The Raw Food Healing Presentation,

Sunday 15th March 2009, 1-3.30pm 8th Day Café, Oxford Road , Manchester.  It takes the form of a Lecture, Question & Answer, and Raw Food Demonstration.  It’s an advanced-ticket only event, on a first come first served basis.  Tickets are on sell at £10 via the Café, or via phone.  Please speak to Janet or Brenda on (0161) 273 4878, or from myself.  Check details in Contacts.

Hopefully see you there.

Louisa Eyo xxx

Live Video Broadcast – Me Talking Raw

Click on the link above, and let it take you to for the archives of personal live broadcasts.
This is a first attempt for me. And whilst it shows, I hope you enjoy this talk that I gave a few days ago in a Nutrition Healing training practice session. I confess that the first 5 minutes is me waiting and waiting to start, not knowing I was already on air, so please forgive me for that bit (it gets better thankfully). Once I get on a roll, it lasts about an hour. Not bad for my first one eh, though clearly not quite ready for You-Tube videos just yet? This clip will just be available on-line for a max of 7 days.
(til 29/9/02).
And if you’ve time, send me in a comment, let me know what you think about the raw food content…
(These beautiful photos are by Liz Bygrave)

Osho shocking, and hilarious!

This is sooooooooooooooo so funny.  The shocking mix of the sacred and the profane.  Well done Osho. I laughed until my belly felt ripped.  Oh, isn’t life wonderful eh?

We Become What We Think About

I so love Bob Proctor.  He is a really great philosopher and teacher, who has added such elequence,  and often humour, to the universal truths revealed on the film, The Secret.  Though I don’t think that it is a secret at all quite frankly. That label ‘secret’ feels to me a little like a best-seller formula to tempt people to invest in the products being sold (book, dvd etc). The laws of the universe that govern how we create our reality fundamentally need to be remembered and understand is all – they are not exclusive as secrets suggest, or selective. They affects everybody, aware of the laws or not.  And if we are conscious of them working in our daily life, then we can openly, and so obviously see it ourselves – that basically  ‘we’re gonna attract according to our belief…we attract to us only the things that vibrate within us…we become what we think about…’  Bob, tell us some more will ya, you make it sound so so clear!